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Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's Hot

We all have a time when we say, Whew! It's hot! When we lived in Utah, hot was75 with the humidity at 24%. We have humidity here in Oklahoma that chases the temperature right up to the 100's. Whew. When we were in India they measure temp in Centigrade so we didn't seem as hot even when it was 114 F when we landed late at night.
We slept a couple or more nights by wetting the sheet and then falling asleep with the fan blowing hard and cooling us. The fan also kept the mosquito's off. We would wake sometimes in the middle of the night and have to wet our faces again. But we slept, well and safe. We had a bed and pillows....and really it didn't seem that hot because we weren't moving in and out of cold air conditioning.
When I got home I froze in the grocery store and then walked out into a hot afternoon that felt even more intense because of the cold inside. I like more consistant temperatures. If I'm hot...I'll just be hot.
But we are like that as people. We may appear one way when really we are another. We may say we are fine when we are oh so not fine. We may for the sake of others eat more or less than we want to please someone else.
Let's just Be who we are. True, honest, right there.... you

Good luck this week being who you are...
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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