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Friday, July 06, 2007


I know you've heard me say my Mom loved to watch QVC in her later years. It was simple, she said they talk right to you, they dress nicely, and there are no commercials. (QVC is one of the first TV shopping channels)
How then do we 'need more and more? One caller to QVC today said she got a pair of shoes today it's her umptheenh pair of this particular brand.
I have, truth be told, bought some things from QVC. I've been pleased with them too. It is amazing how great a job they do of making you think: Gee, I need a new pair of shoes because if I had those very shoes I would walk better, or exercise, or look better wearing them. I love it when they say... don't just pick up one pair, or one whatever get two.. or both colors.
Today's "special value" is a pair of walking shoes. Oh and to be honest I thought about them. 40 something, (40 dollars and change as they say) but then I thought again...
That 40 dollars would take care of a child for a month at the Children's Homes in India. It would allow them to have shelter, food, clothing, education. And perhaps a pair of shoes.
I have started putting a plastic jug in the car and every time I 'drive-through' someplace I put an equal amount of that coke or whatever I buy in the jug. It's amazing how quickly I have gotten enough for taking care of a child for a month. What we spend our 'extra' money on we find quickly can be used for good. I am sure it could be used for good close to home too. But I know where it goes in India.
This month, keep tabs some way of the money you spend for coffee, or colas, or drive thru food or something that is 'extra' to your life. And find a good place to give it away.
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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