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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Whose Earth?

Because of our planned travel to Indonesia I've been looking at the activity of the volcano that is there. Apparently this volcano is having some pretty significant activity. I'm amazed. It is awesome and I'm just looking at pictures.

When I was about 8, in 1956 I told my theory about how the land masses were all together at one time because if you put South America and Africa together they looked to me like they'd fit together like a puzzle. Well the Plate theory came and is not well established. And along the edges of the plate are places where the inner earth sometimes breaks through... Volcanic on this line of fire. I'm not the One to tell you about this with two classes in Geology my senior college year. However, The earth remains as awesome to me as it did as we studied the ancient world evidences in the rock.

Later, When I moved from Ohio to Arizona I was awed by the flight to Phoenix across the plains and into the Rocky Mountain Chain. When I saw the Grand Canyon everything seemed to make sense in terms of time and God.

I learned from an Oak Tree about Eternal life, but that's for another time).

Would that we would work with the earth. We might take care where we build along coastal regions and on fault lines. We would look at land masses as they are and not build homes in areas that at some time, even in geological time, were part of the river bed carving out the rock.

And if we believed that we were tenders of the earth and not conquers then perhaps we would take care of it even more.

Deep breath,
Remember we are all made of the stars!

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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