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Saturday, June 03, 2006


The Cook two years at Camp Elmhurst in PA was a wonderful woman who was gifted. She knew how to make food for the whole camp seem like home-made just for you. She was great with stretching the camp budget but feeding us well. The first Summer all the girl counselors thought our clothes were shrinking, alas not so. We were so active and's hungry that Bessie's food seemed all the better and we more righteous in eating that we all added about 15 lbs.
One year when the camp's cherry trees were fruiting...mmm...we had to teach the kids who'd never eaten them that they couldn't eat an unlimited amount without result. One of the counselors, Tim, with Bessie's help made cherry pie. We all took turns pitting the cherries. Oh that was good pie.
Bessie spent her weekends by herself just resting and taking care of herself. We didn't see her at all from Saturday morning till Sunday late afternoon.
One time the camp directors wife, a petite woman, had a cold and Bessie gave her one of her cold medications. We left Chris to go to the lake and when we came back she told us of the 'drug-induced' hallucinations she had all day. Apparently the cold medicine had a different effect on one so much smaller. (The patterns on the wall paper were dancing.) She was fine and didn't have a cold any longer.
Bessie would hug the children, and encourage those who were having trouble, she just seemed to sense who they were and she'd call them into "HER" kitchen.
I have no idea where Bessie might be 35 years later. But she lives in the hearts and memories of a lot of people.
Ah Bessie. Got some more of that cobbler?

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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