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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Way

On the way to Temple, OK today there was a roadblock. They are putting in a new bridge. So I turned south early and took a different route. This one led me over the lake and through a different part of the county that I've not seen. So beautiful. The very wide open fields, the two great Blue Herons standing by the lake, a red-headed woodpecker on the telephone post, all caught my eye.
Then there was a house, an old one, that is surrounded by trees old old house that the trees were holding up. Surrounding. Protecting.
I often wonder who built that old house. The old house that was about two windows wide, and one room deep. It was placed on the edge of a hill. I could imagine the folks stopping there, seeing the valley, the hillside and saying, "here is where we'll build a home."
We live our lives going one way and risk going another. Then imagine those who lived in that house...those who went a whole different way from family and all they knew to build that house.
Sometimes we have to take a new way. It may open your eyes in way you hadn't expected. New..

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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