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Monday, June 05, 2006

Life sayings

- Life must move forward but it can only be understood backward." Kierkegaard
Hummmm? This really made me think.

I was reading some background for the sermon this week, Trinity Sunday, and I found this saying. It really touched me because it seems so true.

True because we are to live our lives looking ahead, but prayerfully figuring out things in the past that put life together. I believe that we have a reason to look back at who we were and where we've been---and learn something from it.
I am amazed at folks who don't learn. Who continue to live in fear rather than love...who continue to judge rather than reconcile...who don't listen to the truth but spread gossip...
Have they not learned that God's plan for our lives is to live forward and to turn from those things which hold us or bind us.
One of the first Greek words we learned in seminary was the verb --to loose. I thought it really funny because i didn't think that word would be very handy. However, the more I study scripture it is a verb that I don't think we apply being freed enough to our faith life. It seems to me that many would rather remain bound by prejudice, fear, unhappiness or other behaviors that bind you. That hold you down from being who you were created to be.

Be loosed... Be freed. Forgiven and freed in Jesus...
Go to it now..
go forward.
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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