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Monday, May 29, 2006

Java Earthquake

I read the accountings from those on site at the
Java Earthquake and in prayer came to these thoughts.
The story of the people having to choose to run from
a possible Tsunami on the coast or toward an active
volcano lava flow.. moves me still

Earth shakes
not on our schedule
not listed in day-timers or on any plan
The vulnerable they feel it
and reel in it and share in it
and they cry
"do we wait for the water or run for the fire? "

So much we don't fathom
of the works of the Mother
The Mother Earth whose nature
gave all of us birth.

but we raise up our hands
in prayers and in pleadings
O God give them help
Help them to stand

We send off our 'extra' of money
of clothing
We feel pride in our "oh so generous" spirit.
Oh and finally we'll pray
Please God protect them
Or do we mean O God protect me?

For deep in our spirits
What ever we know
Truly we don't
understand complete loss
Of family or home or community leveled
For we only see with eyes -outside.

But then as we read -
again the accounting
of Christians and Muslims all working for
We recognize deeply
what we finally remembered
We are all God's dear children
Hand in hand on this earth.

So raise up your prayer
for sister for brother
where ever they are hurting here beside us on earth
and know when we do so
we live into God's calling
to love one another
for all that we are worth.

God Abides

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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