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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


When you were little somehow your parents taught you that your actions have consequences. I remember my parents teaching me those lessons, and bailing me out some times when I was appropriately penitent. One time I remember cutting my bangs, meant to be straight across with curved fingernail sissors. I couldn't figure out how they knew, they looked good to me... But then I could barely see in the mirror on the dresser. And who needs to use mirrors anyway for such a task. Just sit there behind the chair and trim your bangs. Oh and forget to pick up the remnants--evidence.
There were consequences. But not so much for my hair, but for lying that I'd done it. Oops. There in I got in the biggest trouble. I remember being seated in the big chair, that one in my living room right now, and having my parents talk to me about how serious it was that I had lied. Oh just give me the swat and let's go on...But I had to sit there and think about it...
Uh oh...
Adults learn these lessons too. I think they are lessons we learn all the time in different ways.... But in groups we have to learn them and live by them...the ways we behave with one another ...the ways we care for each other. Don't you understand that we have to continue to do this? To live with one another with the law of love.

And that Love is one we learn every day. When love is applied to our lives and how we live and what we do and how we treat one another...then the world will be a better place. All of it..
Share that with someone today.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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