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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fall sky

The other morning when I left early for exercise class I looked at the eastern sky and it was a beautiful sunrise. That kind of day when the blue of the sky says "It is fall now" and the lines of the. Sun rays spreading out from behind the clouds were as clear as if drawn by a fine artist. All this I noted in my car and wanted to share with someone...But who could I call that early and say go outside....
So I was pleased when I got to the class and two of the members were outside and we simultaneously pointed toward the beautiful clouds... Add a deep sigh.
In the midst of a world where several of my people are in the middle of health crisis this moment of peace and somehow promise were most helpful. God had given us all a little gift right there..And we accepted it with gratefulness.
We need those gifts now and then. Those reminders of God's goodness being present in our world. We need those times when we know deep in our hearts that things are just like they should be.
Not because they are so rare, these moments of peace, but because they are so present we need to be ready to see them.
Last night I laughed out loud at our daughter's dog who is staying with us for a month while she works in a hospital as part of her med school rotations. Well the weather reports had been for severe storms to be heading our way and we were thinking what we might do if it got really bad. I look over and ChiliPepper was on the top of the couch somehow having arranged all the pillows around here so only her head was sticking out... She was ready.
What a sense of just flat out funny. Not some long contrived joke...just observation.
look around
find peacefulness anywhere I believe it is there.
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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