Awakening a Keen Observer

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Have you ever been to a place where trust is hard to find? Where you feel the sense of peacefulness leaving you? It is an Icky feeling.
Because I think we are supposed to trust. We are supposed to trust that others will be kind, and gentle, and fair. But if you know history you know that isn't always the case, no matter where you are.
Years ago we played a game with the college group where we surrounded someone and they folded their arms over their chest and fell-back straight into the arms of people waiting to catch them and then we passed them around. You had to be ready and they had to be relaxed... Or it didn't work.
Would I do that now? Some days more than others I think. But is it a childhood game? Is it a game that is played by students knowing a fall wouldn't break something or.... is it played by the faithful.?
but what do we trust ?
That the sun will come up and go down....That our lives would be made whole by God's love? That we are the only copies of ourselves that will ever be,...
Trust is what gives faith it's action. Witness to our joy...Our peace...PEACE I give to you --not as the world gives says Jesus ... Well I trust that.. I trust Jesus.

Well ".Fear not little flock...I have a plan...Signed God. "

God abide and make us whole. Is it time for a miracle in this world?



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