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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

words no words

Sometimes there are no words. You've heard the saying they were 'speechless'. Sometimes images or situations seem so amazing that there are just no words that can be spoken.

With the images of the Sunami last year there were no words to describe the loss over 200 lives. The sweeping power of the waves that came across the land.

With the images of the hurricane and the damage done by Katrina one feels the same. And yet we use so many words to try and wrap our minds around the situation. The population numbers who have been moved, lost their homes and jobs, is huge. My cousins home is fairly ok, they have had to repair holes in the roof but no real water damage. But their jobs in the future are not at all certain. Karen's school won't probably even open this year. building damage yes but students dispersed a big part of it as well.

And grand talk of rebuilding sounds to me like something that may well continue to displace people if the new housing is so elaborate that those who once lived in some of those areas can't afford to move back. Oh waters recede to be sure but 50% still under water as I write. HALF ... And that means continued damage ... no property recoverable. One lady was in a boat looking into her house and saw the floor planks floating in the waters and bits and pieces of other things she could name. Water had been 7' or more.
What would that look like where you live in your house?

So then what are we to say to these things.
If God is for us..who is against us?

So then
So then
Where is the hope and the promise? In God's good time. In God's Good time.
In the 'healing hand of time' as Willie Nelson sings.

Grace and peace
God does indeed abide.
Even with people in the diaspora
away from home
but tied together by place

God abides- Good News
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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