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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Good Work

What is good work? Buechner wrote that :vocation is where the world's needs and your our deepest gladness meet ". I can tell you about someone who does such work. We spent time yesterday such a man, Dr. Les Morgan. He and his wife Dr. Cindy are such people. He shared about his work in Bangladesh and the work they do with the people. Oh to be certain there are challenges and questions sometimes with the frustrations of doing good work with little support and how do you make the support go as far as it can? But there are the faces of the people so filled with love and thanks and in their eyes---God's eyes---Jesus' eyes.
Have you seen those eyes in your world? Where would you look?
Oh easy. In the eyes of those who are older and have seen the world and may feel the world has left them behind. In those who are friendless. In those who ache with grief and who don't know what to do with it. In small children's eyes who are being scolded in the store by an impatient parent. In the eyes of teenagers who don't know they are loved. In the people who stand in line for free healthcare because they have no other choice. In those who are hurt by others words or action.
What can we do? What can we do with Jesus' eyes we encounter. First, not last, but first we can pray for them. We can pray for God's leading us to love them, we can wait---wait for God to tell you how you can help. And it will be answered and even more it well may be a surprise.
So, get ready you truly faithful people. Because God has a plan for your life. Deep breath.

Garrison Keillor at the end of his NPR radio program Writers Almanac about poetry every day. He closes the show saying in part..."Be well, Do good work and keep in touch."
May this day be a day you do good work....
and you can measure that with the law of love.
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
More about the Morgans


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