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Thursday, September 15, 2005

like a hawk in the wind again

The morning had been rainy the clouds on the way over to Grandfield were beautiful but who knew if they would storm on us at the service. I always set the cruse control when I'm in that kind of 'space' so I don't forget not to speed. I tried to take a picture and got one shot before I ran out of film. But it is etched in my heart. I even saw a pair of great blue herons in the wheat field in Chattanooga. Amazing.

The Service of Witness to the Resurrection was obviously woven together by God. Rev. Maurice Hibbard a retired pastor, who had known Jack when he was the pastor in Grandfiield took part and he suggested he just tell a story or two about Jack. His weaving together the fun adventure with the adventure of Jack now was so well done. We had only spoken briefly but between us God wove together 'just what the family wanted and needed.' I was pleased.

When we left the funeral home the sun was shinning. Now Jack, a farmer and rancher, would have loved it to be rainy for the farmers. I must say though for us it was a lift for the spirit as we walked out. We went to the cemetary in Frederick, set like so many on a hill with a cooler ever present Oklahoma wind blowing.

On the way home I was tired and glad to be headed East not into the Western sun . There was much running in my mind. I've been a little distracted lately I know and the many thoughts were keeping me from enjoying the drive. Then there it was. No, not the tarantula crossing the road, or the turtles though there seemed to be more out than usual, maybe the rain, but the HAWK
There was a beauty of a hawk, a big one, hanging on the wire facing the wind. Holding on. Holding on.
Why? Because that is what hawks do. And they do this by facing the wind. Facing into that which if they put their back to it would blow them off. But by facing the wind it worked.
Ruah Spirit wind.

God abide

Bobbie Giltz McGarey
Rev. Dr. Bobbie G. McGarey


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