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Sunday, March 27, 2005


Years ago a friend returned from a trip to Turkey. She was a professor and had traveled with the University Women and visited the women who were in textiles. They had a remarkably wonderful time. She came back with one story that has always stayed with me.
They took them on a tour of one area where people, families lived in large carved out areas in rock, caves. And they visited a woman who was quite a textile artist. She was most hospitable and as in so many countries, they were invited in to have tea and cookies. It seemed to be a stretch but she was so proud that she had been chosen to recieve some of these honored guests. They really wanted to leave her a gift but realized that it would not be possible and to support her dignity.
My friend had noted with great interest the large circular stone that was to the side of the door. It was like a big concrete wheel in size she described. And then she noted a ridge they steped over to get into the house. She surmised that the stone and that groove were the same size. She asked about it.
They said that it was an ancent way of making a door. Apparently it was amazingly easy to move from the inside but from the outside it was impossible to move it, to budge it.
My friend said there was something about what they had just said that seemed familiar to her but she couldn't figure it out in the midst of the visit. But on the way back it came to her. These caves they told her were of many sizes. Some people even used them for tombs because when the stone is rolled in front it cannot be opened, from the outside. The woman told everyone that these kind of caves had been lived in for several centuries all across the Middle East.

But it could from the inside be easily opened.

And all she could think of was the Resurrection morning story of the women....and how will we roll away the stone...and.... it had been done, and all that was left inside were bands of cloth, like the bands of cloth Jesus was wrapped in at his birth, so at his death, and the stone was rolled away.
repeat that to yourself...
once more...

from the inside.... from the inside...

Thanks Be to God

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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