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Friday, August 27, 2004

We belong to God

I heard last night that Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross died in Scottsdale on the 25th of August. I found on her webpage a wonderful quote of hers. Not one that someone else has said about her. But her own. Here is the addresss of the site. the link is that with selected quotes. Her son Ken took the beatiful picture of her.

My Mother in law, Dr. Gladys McGarey was for a while her physican and then became her dear friend. Gladys had turned over her medical care to others when Elisabeth had serious strokes a few years ago. Each time Gladys would visit she would take flowers from her garden. I met Elisabeth once and John, my husband, had a long conversation with her about life and death issues.

What she taught us about not fearing the subject of death -- is what our faith has always taught us.."In life and in death we belong to God". What she gave us however was permission in the world to talk about dying when people needed to do so. Elisabeth, taught us all that we need to fully live. That is what her life is about. About six years ago she decided, after recovering some from one of her strokes, that she needed to dance, to live. She gathered a group of close friends and they had a celebration that included in part her being carried by a friend, standing on his feet, like small daughter's do dancing with their fathers, and dancing outside celebrating her life. It was a freeing time for her.

Now how do we live our lives? We live them each day. We have this day to thank God for our lives by living fuly.

Let's do that with joy. This is the day that God has made! Let us rejoice and be Glad in it!

God abides
004Bobbie McGarey


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