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Monday, August 30, 2004

That time of year...

When Johnny went to college I was happy sad. There were periods of open weeping. I tried to be brave for the good-bye and then just turned and cried. I knew in my heart it would be ok...but it didn't feel ok.

On this day in 1997 Johnny went to Austin College in Sherman, TX. . I left him and drove as far as I could on my way to see Gladys, my mother in law. I got as far as Wichita Falls, Tx, a few hours and stopped. I was going to fall asleep but turned on the TV and there was the report about Princess Diana's accident and death. I already was sad. That happy sad a parent gets when good things happen for their children ---and yet the bittersweet moment of having to leave them.

I cried, about Diana and about her life lost so young. I remembered watching her wedding with my cousin Martha at 4 in the morning in KY right before our daughter Martha Elizabeth, Betsy was born in 1978. All in all a lot of family history had Princess Diana wrapped up in it--and now Diana was gone.

When I got to AZ Gladys and I watched the funeral together, weeping I got up at 3 am to watch it...I figured if I had gotten up for her wedding I could get up for this.. I think I watched it twice. It was so sad her young sons following her casket. The tons of flowers in front of her home and the palace. I watched the service, watched the people pray and realized that around the world people were watching this service and millions praying the Lord's Prayer. She had just begun to grow into herself. Working for the rights of others, against land mines, and for AIDS sufferes. There was that amazing picture ofher with Mother Teresa. She had everything.

Then the same week at the end of the week Mother Teresa died. More tears, more middle of the night funeral viewing, more praying with the mass of people around the world watching this service as well. So different. Mother Teresa died with two sweaters, one Bible, one pair of sandles, and yet she truly had everything because she had Jesus.

Mother Teresa lived a life filled with others needs, reaching out to the poorest of the poor and being congrugent about her work because she lived as they did...all else went for caring for them. Hands always reaching out in blessing.

Live your life knowing that you already have everything. You have Jesus, Jesus, who knows you and loves you still. This is really good news.

May all who are leaving their sons or daughters for education surround them with protection. Don't be embarrassed by tears. Know they are in God's good protecting merciful hand.

God abides
Bobbie McGarey


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