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Sunday, September 28, 2014


I have the worlds greatest brother in law,  (s). David is the one I'm thinking about now.  He is an ophthalmologist.  He did surgery to remove my cataract last fall and gave me an implanted lens that let's me see without my glasses at long distances,  
  I've worn trifocals for years before I got this and I love it.

But, I was thinking how glasses sort of show our life changes.  I have always hand an astigmatism.  So I've worn glasses since the mid 70's.  Add in a little presbyopia (elder eyes)  and you have
 bi-focals. The add in the fact I needed to see to read close. Needed to be able to read medium, sermon on a pulpit, and then see the congregation...trifocals. But the good news for me is that by the time I needed these they had lenses that blended one correction to the other without lines.

   Life.   Yes, I think this reminds me of life.  We start out seeing the works one way...time shifts us into anothe. Jew not giving up the first, and the. Adds another.
   We don't change the whole prescription.  We know that what came before is important.  We just need a new perspective added in.   Same in adding the third...
We have to find out where we are in relation to all the other parts of our experience.  And if we let them they season following another... Sunrise sunset.

And to all of it we say.  Well ok
god abide with you
Bobbie G McGarey @2014


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