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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving eve

I remember clearly waiting at the window for my cousins to arrive.   Jan and Martha with their folks, Dot and Frank.   They would come from Chicago--or we would go there every year.   Sometimes we would encounter wintry weather.  I remember on more than one occasion that we three would pray for a big snow storm so we couldn't go home and we'd have another day together.   The roads were 2 lane and the speed limit 55 with lots of little towns.  It wasn't a quick drive.   

Waiting at home was almost as hard as being in the car riding.   Cars had big back seats to stretch out in.   I remember bringing my doll, saucy walker, with me with her little plaid suitcase.  Her name was Terry Lee.   Wait her name IS Terry Lee she sits just over there on my desk. 

But back to Thanksgiving together. Aunt Dot would bake pies..YUMBO my daddy, Maurice, would exclaim ...many times.  She had a gift with the crusts.  But even more she had a gift with love.  She and my mother, Betty, would do their sister cooking dance in the kitchen preparing the meal.  Inhale...smell the turkey...yup I do too. Creamy mashed potatoes...

My daddy and Frank were as close as brothers.  They would tinker with some project in the basement or garage.  Later I learned they mostly sat and talked and worked out the troubles of the day. 

Every night Jan and Martha and I would do our best to go to sleep. However the 
giggles-monster often got us in trouble.  The ultimate threat, "You girls be quiet and go to sleep OR WE WILL  SEPARATE YOU."   That meant one of us was sent to another room to sleep, a dreaded fate to be sure.  If they tried we'd cry and beg and beg for one more chance.  As an only child having someone to talk to at night was a pure delight. 

Thanksgiving Eve these memories all comes up...I am missing the parents, all gone now, and Martha and Jan scattered in the East...and the joyful waiting... And even more joyful reunion. 

God abides 
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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