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Saturday, November 23, 2013


  Analea McGarey was a real light in this world.  She was the older sister in the McGarey family.  Gladys and Bill always saw her as such.  Natural curly, Shirley Temple blond curls bounced when she ran as a child.  I've seen the family movies. 
   She gave us Gabriel her son, and her light continues to shine through him and his bride Sarah.  
And a little bit through the rest of us. 
   Analea had her hair cut short as she aged but she still bounced in life.  Passion was part of who she was --whole length of her life. 
   Younger than two of her brothers, older than three other siblings...she organized them all as a child.  
She inspired all of them along the way.   Her nieces and nephews loved her fiercely.  We all miss her. 
   The early morning Sunday before thanksgiving is when, in the arms of her mother, she breathed her last.  That light was gone.  
    The family gathered held her service that same Sunday night.  I was honored to officiate.  Three nieces read poetry and scripture. Everyone cried.   
   She had gathered her mother's stories and wrote the book, Born to Heal.   It remains as part of her gift from the world.   
   As a gifted massage therapist she brought healing to so so many levels.  Even in death she brought a healing for her parents, siblings, friends....
 So then friends it is our work to carry the light left behind by so many.  No doubt you all 

have someone in your life who has done that for you.  Take their light with you everyday and share it with a world that seeks healing. 
    Be the light for someone who follows you.  

Bobbie Giltz McGarey 


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