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Friday, February 04, 2011


Grace and Peace
I found the other power cord for my computer, well my daughter's computer that I've borrowed. I thought it was still packed in Raton. The part that broke was the little pointy part that goes into the computer itself. I thought I had to buy a new one and have waited for some time to do it because it is about $80. And I don't have an extra 80$ I'm happy I waited. Although it would be handy to have one here and at the office... Extravagant. Really that $$ will help 'my' boys in India that equals bout a month for each of them.
John is heading back to OK in a few weeks to sell the house. How is that for positive thinking? He'll drive the truck think happy thoughts about the weather getting better.
I'd switch cars with him but mine has an engine illness, (I keep giving it transfusions of Oil) and I have to have that fixed. All in all. We will be doing ok once we sell the house. Till then there are a lot of the finances to be worked out.
Having whined about that I know that we are really ok. We have warm places to live and good work to do and great people to work with and that is wonderful.

Being safe isn't an issue here and I really like the light I get in the afternoon and evening in my bedroom/study/office. That is the second room in my apt.
I do miss my books. Really they are friends to me. I will get some of them here eventually. I am looking to get a bookcase at a garage sale when the weather thaws out some. (and an Ironing board).

I am very happy!

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
ABQ New Mexico


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