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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Worth the Price of Admission

Grace and Happiness,
The scene we observed in the airport last night was worth the price of admission.

We went to the airport to pick up Johnny and Molly from their trip to a friend's wedding in France. Their flight had been diverted and delayed and they came in at 11:30p instead of 4p . We were standing at the bottom of the escalator waiting for them to come. There was a young family, woman and two little girls. One of the girls was probably 5-6 and the other was
3. Daddy spotted them first and leaned down and began waving. Suddenly the older girl saw him and yelled at the top of her voice..

The Daddy, who we found out was returning from Iraq, hugged the younger girl knelt down and the older girl threw her arms tight around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder and cried.. Their mom cried and looked at the three of them also tearing up. Others had started watching, we couldn't help and it was beautiful. A beautiful moment.

Ok so everyone was tearing up. I mean really tearing up. As all of us watched and were wrapped into this scene this scene we realized none of us were watching the folks coming down now and one family missed greeting their family. So we all went to meet someone else we all were embraced by that incredible sight of love. Of surrender to all that was real...of hope that reunions do happen.

Daddy daddy daddy... I flashed back to my childhood and thought how it would be that little girl running into my Daddy's arms to be embraced and enfolded in love. I thought of all the children welcoming home their parents. I thought of the incredible love on the Mom's face as she watched her family reunited and how she let her girls have that moment. What love on her part surrendered that moment to her children.

Welcome home good and faithful servant... we long for that... or am I the only one...I don't think so.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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