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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All in the Golden Afternoon

"All in the golden afternoon
full leisurely we glide;
Both our oars with little stall
By little arms are plied,
While little hands much vain pretence
our wanderings to guide."
Lewis Carroll the beginning of Alice in Wonderland.

Somehow I can remember small parts of texts I've read some time ago and they come to me as I think of other things. Perhaps like Alice in Wonderland we need sometimes to allow our thoughts to flow beyond the usual ways of seeing the world. Surely that is a story that is filled with wonder and questions.

Not long after that poem after Alice has fallen into the hole and grown bigger and then smaller and smaller.... and then she falls into a pool of salt which she realizes were her tears...and she said... Wow I could drown in my own tears.

I heard a report on the way home yesterday about a woman in China where the quake hit who had walked 35 Km already and was seated at the side of the road hoping that someone would come along to take them to the nearest town. She wept. She had reason for her utter sadness and her deep dispair.

Let us pray for all those today because of loss, or grief, or trauma, or even the kitchen roof falling in are feeling like ... they are drowning in their own tears.

God abides and for that I am ever grateful.
Bobbie McGarey


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