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Friday, August 24, 2007


Look! See! Do you see what is just there? It seems to me that I had better night vision as a young person. No doubt that's true. When I was camping out as a camp counselor I rarely used a flashlight. I knew NOT to stare into the fire as it was burning knowing that if I did it would take much longer to see into the woods at night. The only 'critters' we encountered were white tail deer, (I've already told you about the Galumpus.)
We seek some days to have our lives illuminated. We want to have things so that we can see them and then cope with them. But I have always thought there is more to our world than things we see. We have heard it said, "Thoughts are things" . We can convince ourselves in positive or negative ways. We can do the same to others. We can uplift the world with thoughts of peace and peacemaking where we are or we can sew seeds of chaos and hatred.
Choose life as the Old Testament tells us. This day choose life and goodness for the world.
This is the time to be wrapping the world in peace. It can surprise all the war-makers. It is something I see... not night vision...perhaps faithful right vision.

God Abides
bobbie giltz mcgarey


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