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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Super Nova

This week there is a report on the CNN Science site, (and other places as well), about a super nova..k--boom!
The picture on the cnn site right now has a flash that looks like a perfect diamond in the sun. We don't have to 'worry' about fragments getting this far as it is ... well let's just say it's light years longer than a football field. 238 Million light years to be sure. A-way over there.
Wow. The scientists were thrilled to have seen and recorded information from this huge explosion. A star in the making... (remember we are all made of stars).

If we were to grab a little piece of the sky and hold it in our hands do you think we'd fly like the children in peter pan ...a little fairy dust. Do you believe?
What does it take to catch our attention these days? A super nova way over there or the town in KS that was leveled by the huge tornado that went through the middle of town. On occasions when you look at a picture of the houses in the storm's see one or two homes still standing, the rest looks like the end time for blocks on a particular day...He won't knock them down again until its time . let's go.

Flash in your world
with all the brightness of heaven
We remember your presence and we know in our hearts
you love us.
a brightness in the world
where there is no light
where there is no reflection or shadow to fall
be with us keep us, love and adore us.
as you do love some come and love me. ...

Thanks God
God Abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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