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Saturday, May 05, 2007

How many choices

Standing again in the grocery store trying to find a cereal I looked down an entire long aisle that had cereal. It seemed like we had more choices than anyone ever needed. I found one that looked good and decided not to spend any ore time comparing either ingredients or nutritional scores and put it in the cart.
We here in the US have so many choices. Even ones that are more important that which cereal to buy. After all a decision like that will have impacts for only a couple of weeks.
Surely there are more important decisions that are presented to us. What car to drive, what trips to take, what calls to make, what people to see, what books to read, what tv to watch....etc etc etc.
Perhaps we don't take the little decisions seriously enough? Would that help? Would dwelling on the small ones make larger ones easier? I'm thinking about that and I don't know. What if we would learn quickly to say...this is important take some time with it...and this really doesn't matter so just do it...and learn how to discern which is which.
What are the long run possibilites of this learning? Would we worry less? Would we feel ighter not burdened by those things that are really trivial. Or would it not? Or is it the case that we need to feel control in all we do? Is this a matter of control... That we would have 'power over' all the choices before us?

I'm choosing to lighten up on the little ones and give energy to the bigger ones...and to learn the difference.

God Abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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