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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Rainbow again

Once again the other day leaving OK City I saw a rainbow. This one was broad and pastel but with the colors still marked one blending to another. The violet was awesome and just so perfect.
Roy G Biv --the colors of the rainbow. red orange yellow green blue indigo violet
who that's wonderful.
I often wonder what the ancient people thought of this in the sky. After a rain with some sun... there you have it a sign in the sky. For some I wonder if it was the only time thay saw one of the colors? Does everyone know how to make the color blue?
There is a reason we have rainbows. Hope.
As I said a few weeks ago.. Hope. from the rainbows.
Now what is it you need to work on this next week? Do you need a shot of hope, of love, of compassion, of energy, of healing, of....
May it be yours.
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
still looking for rainbows

God placed in the sky
the colors of the world
not one here and one there
but blended together making each neighbor color even more beautiful.

What will we do with this gift?
fold it up and put in the pocket?
Hold it tight and hope for magic?
Fling it over on another part of the sky?
Let it remind us of the One who created us all.
All of us..
not just one kind or one skin or one smile or one dress or one
with a certain lipstick or shoe
All of us
brother sister, sister brother.
family not so formal as lovable
We have to look at the whole of things.
But then again
you'd not know that there is thought and purpose and wholeness
because we fill up our baskets
with the strangest things
leaving the most beautiful and free
taking instead things "things"
that are not free.

In the sky is the rainbow
a promise
that the really wonderful miracles of life
are not in reach
but ours for the taking even so.
God abide


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