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Friday, May 04, 2007


We have a mockingbird that likes to sing at night. It has 12 different songs it sings before it repeats. A the bird family Mimidae. I've counted this one's songs more than once. It amazes me to hear it sing. It is not that unusual for them to sing at night either. This particular, midnight mocker, as I call it has been around our house here in Oklahoma for several years. That also is not unusual.
The songs of the birds it is copying are not as familiar to me as I'd like. It sings the songs of others. Years ago in college I studied the literature on Mimidae in the journals of the time and felt like I understood somehow this family. Other members of this bird family sing their songs in a different fashion. They only give one line of the other songs and then move on to the next. The mockingbird sings the phrase of say the chickadee several times before moving on.
Our bird doesn't sing all night. Sometime between 12 and 3 it sings. If it wakes me I hear other animal sounds like the coyotes chorus on occasion. There is an armadillo that roots through the leaves just outside the window sounding like a much bigger varmint than it is.
What call do we leave in the world? Do we call out like a chorus singing our own song, solo or in a choir? Do we speak for those whose voices have been silenced? Do we only sing at night, when others can't hear or are we bold enough to sing the song of our hearts in the fullness of light?
sing... sing your song to the beauty of the world and the Creator. Let your life sing...sing to the wonder of the gifts you are given of home and hearth. Let your generosity of your talents fill the world with beauty so that if another's song is quiet you can sing for them as well.

God abide with you
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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