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Friday, May 11, 2007

Dense Fog

What is it about fog? Is it that we think we know where we are going and at the same time think we know where we are but not really when there is fog.
Even more in fog we don't know where everyone else might be.

Years ago, Father Frank Volmecke, a good friend and colleague, was driving in an area that was familiar. Except there was dense fog. He was going to visit a parish member and looking for the 'big' road that he figured was at least 50' ahead when a car broadsided his car. Amazingly neither he nor the other driver were seriously hurt. He took responsibility knowing he had pulled out into the road and the other driver didn't have a chance to stop. We cried with joy when we knew he was alright.

Later he said it was just so dense he couldn't see the road signs or the edge of the road and was glad to be alive.

Sometimes we live our lives thinking we know where we are or where we are going and then reality comes and says...think about it. I believe that we need to do several things when faced with 'fog'.
1. Stop it is time to asses where we are without being in motion at the time
2. Listen sometimes there is noise in the fog that is more clear than our own sight.
3. Look to others to lead you through.

Remember the old saying from kindergarten..stop look and listen before you cross the street, use your eyes, your ears and then you use your feet.
Not bad life advice either when confronted with a fog.

God abide and sunny days
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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