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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Fall comes and lets us know there is a turning of the year. The trees turn, in some places more dramatically than others, days get shorter, the frost comes, the wooly worms cross the road, and we get ready for a new season.
In the Bible it talks of the Hoar Frost and I didn't know what that was until I lived in Utah and saw it first hand. Apparently this happens when the air temperature is colder than the land and the crystals that form are awesome. This frost would cover every limb and trunk and leaf of trees. It would cover fences and lawn furniture and cars--everything. And it was beautiful in the early morning light. This was not a freeze or ice storm kind of coating, a little hairy white coating and it made things look magical. Everything was beautiful as you saw lines and shapes of things all dressed om the outside the same. Here is a picture I found on the computer of this frost. You'll have to cut and paste it to get there but it is amazing.

Ok, back to the frost. All things are equally beautiful --frosted. In a world that looks so often to outer beauty, judging one another or possessions on the outside, there is an equity about this frost that reminds us all are beautiful in the eyes of God and our beloved ones. So, there. Live into that today. You are beautiful.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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