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Friday, October 20, 2006


I hab a code in my dnoze.

translated I have a cold in my nose

Ya, not a big deal but I don't like colds. I like to breathe. Well seriously I do. And when I can't get a good deep breath I am not a happy camper.
Colds are amazing! seriously, viruses have amazing lives and can transform themselves so quickly. I don't like them either.
Wash hands--alot they say. Apparently I didn't do that at some point. Because the body just doesn't invent a cold on it's own. It has to be passed to you. Other nasty organisms, like strep, live in the soil almost everywhere. But it seems to me that colds need a host to stay happy.
I'm eating Chicken Noodle Soup. It's good. Whenever but especially when I'm not feeling good. Mainly i think because my mother would cook Campbells Chicken noodle soup for me. It still makes me feel good.

What are comfort things for you? A memory? A picture? A ____? Fill in the blank for yourself and let yourself have a little comfort.

I'll need to clean my keyboard soon.

No more codes, colds, for me.
God abides
Bobbie G. McGarey


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