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Friday, September 23, 2005


A dear Pastor friend in NE Texas said they had another 100 folks in the shelter that they set up for the hurricane folks. This time from a different hurricane but people in the same situation.
How do we help? That was my question for her. What do they need? Size 15 shoes one guy needed, and perhaps there are other things and we'll find out.
My goodness there are so many more new stories and there will be more tomorrow. We will see what happens. Wow! Sigh, deep deep sigh.
We are looking to figure out what we can do for those who are hurting. Let's not forget the rest of those who are hurting. There are those in south Florida that have been hit by the last two of these storms, though somehow not so very public as others. There are those in Florida who had four storms last year with tarps still over the roofs of their houses. My goodness it seems like this country could surely get to work.

How do we cope, make it through, situations that require our best. We either function well or we falter. We function well when we put to use our best brains and other people's brains that know more than we do about certain things. OPB---other people's brains, that's using talents of others not relying on ourselves to figure EVERYthing out.
Cope? We do so by setting our priorities on what we know in our hearts we should be doing --and catch this--for someone else. We cope by moving outside ourselves and reaching out to help others who need a hand as well. It is a mutual gift.
We see the things where we can do our best for ourselves by doing our best for others.
Cope? Live...Be joyful
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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