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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


A new thing people are doing, that gets you out into the world is called Geocaching. A cache is a treasure. If you go to you can find the location of thousands of caches. All you need is a gps unit that will tell you where you are and the coordinates and a sense of adventure. It is great fun. Tresaures...well mostly little things that can fit in a small box. But you are outside.
People all over the world and country are doing this. looking looking looking and finding.

What is that we look for most? Peace in the world. How do we get peace. We choose not to be those those who stir up others. We choose to be people who bring understanding rether than those who constantly muddy the waters. Someone who stands up for justice.

And in the world we are praying that those people who are looking for answers to big questions will look at the way we care for one another and then decide if they can trust us with their pain or their questions or their joy!
Or will they point to us and say look how they talk mean about each other, how they gossip or spread rumor, or how they don't really care. They don't live to love their neighbor. "What you do speaks so loudly others may not hear what you say."

looking there are lots of people looking.
what will they find?
So, be about the kindess you desire.
Be the love you claim by your faith.
Be the hope of the world.
You know who you are.... be the love of the open arms.
look it's a cache ---a treasure ---

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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