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Sunday, July 17, 2005

The book

I finished the newest Harry Potter book this afternoon. What a good read. I mean it really does put you in a different world. And the story again is well crafted. I enjoyed it. My daughter also read it, her own copy in Tulsa, and we talked briefly after we'd both finished. We agreed that we like it .

Deep sigh.
I can imagine some vacation time of reading all the books in order and then the final 7th book that is coming. You know few authors, that I remember so skillfully brought together characters like this. Oh I have a lot of other favorite authors, but Rolings surely is moving up the scale. And so many folks are reading and talking to each other about it.

Good and bad/chaos and order all these the stuff of which good fiction is brought together. The troubles that one experiences are not much different. People using power over others and the consequencs of such action. No necessairily magical but power over never--rarely bringing true peace.

God abide
I'm gonna get some sleep
Bobbie G. McGarey


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