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Monday, January 17, 2005

once again Perspectives

As I read a story from a friend of mine in India, I'll add it at the end, I thought of the perspectives that we have to deal with in our world.
I read an article about the Titan probe which is on one of the Moons of Saturn. Now that's a long trip. Way way out there. The scientists are excited and interested in what they have seen and perhaps even heard. They think their might be some kind of 'water' or something flowing liquid. Very interesting.
Some think that this kind of discovery might challenge our world. But if it does, challenge our world or faith, it is only because we have too small a concept of the world. God, thanks be to God, God knows all things in all ways and nothing is to small or too big for God.
To me this kind of discovery makes God even more awesome. In no way diminshed.

So, open your eyes today to the greatness of God, to the many blessings you have and to the world that is yours to love.
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
57th Birthday

I met Dr. Pauline in Chennai in 2002 with the International Rural church gathering.

Dear Rev.Bobbie G. McGarey,
Greetings and Compliments of the Season!

With great grief and immense sense of loss and sorrow, I regret to inform you about a terrible tragedy that has struck coastal Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and portions of Kerala on 26th of December 2004.

This violent catastrophe  got the entire nation unawares, took away with it innocent and unsuspecting people as victims and left behind large devastation, unprecedented and unbelievable.  The Government NGOs and faith based organizations like the CSI are gearing up to salvage and assess the situation but we really are unable to give an exact or even an approximate number of people who are dead because in places like Kanyakumari and Nagapatinam, there were thousands of people from different parts of the country as pilgrims whose names or numbers are not registered and who have been washed away by the Tsunami.

As a kind of Christmas penance and offering the Velankanni Shrine right next to Nagapatinam, the worst hit in Tamil Nadu was bursting its seams with pilgrims.  Now most of them are missing.  Likewise in Chennai, most of the people who were washed away were early morning walkers along the Merina, youth and children practicing cricket in front of the beach, fisher folk whose hutments are right along the beach front and tourist from both within the country and from overseas who were staying in many of the beach resorts along the coast line.  The official statistics which says about 200 people died is based on the actual number of bodies recovered from the sea.  But eye witnesses say that it should have been more than 1500 people who were simply carried away by these tidal waves in Chennai also. 

In Machilipatnam within the diocese of Krishna-Godavari a colossal loss of life has taken place, the victims especially being little children who were residents of orphanages run by NGOs and Church organizations close to the sea shore.  The information I received from Bishop Dyvasirvadam is that a whole lorry load of little children almost a 100 in number were picked up dead strewn on the sands of the sea shore.

This being the situation what we are now grappling with is immediate food supply to the people who have been evacuated from their homes, change of clothing, blankets to keep them warm since nights in December can be extremely chilly, clean drinking water since most of the water sources have become inundated with the sea water and thereby rendered useless for drinking purposes.  We also need medicines to prevent and contain epidemic of diarrhea or even cholera.  Once the situation is stabilized, then the Church has to consider long term rehabilitation which will include counseling to the women and children, women whose little children were simply plucked away from their arms and young children who stood helplessly watching the waves carry away their parents.

These people are in a traumatized shock and need to undergo counseling therapy and then we also have to consider providing shelters in alternate safe places for these victims of this natural calamity. 

On behalf of the Church of South India, I thank our dear brothers and sisters for your prayers and also would gratefully accept any form of support to be passed on to the victims.
The Disaster is so enormous and unbelieveable that even though we are actively involved in relief and rescue, we still feel so helpless because whole villages are  vanished, decaying bodies are strewn over such a wide expanse of land, waiting to be picked up and burried.  Lakhs of people rendered homeless, thousands of children orphaned and the impending threat of an out break of an epidemic scarcity of clean drinking water and vaccines - the list goes on.  However, in the midst of all these turmoil, we are comforted by the thought of so many people praying for us that the Lord will strengthen the hands that are involved in this rescue mission and provide the needed resources for the fulfillment of this ministry. 
I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude to you personally for your _expression of concern, solidarity and support at this time of crisis in the South East parts of India.

I am giving below the FCRA details of the Bank: 

Bank Name :              Standard Chartered Bank
Bank Address :          No.1, Haddows Road
Chennai - 600 006
South India

Account Name :                 Church of South India Synod
(Foreign Remittance)
Account Number :             SB A/c No.426-1-003371-5
Mode of Transfer :          TT –Tested
Currency for Transfer :         EURO./ US Dollars / GB POUNDS
Swift Code :                       SCBLINBBXXX

With good wishes and kind regards,

Yours in solidarity,


General Secretary, CSI &

Hony.Secretary, CSI TA



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