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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


We have choices that others don't. We have opportunity to decide how warm our homes will be, not if we can be warm at all. We can decide if we want to cook dinner, not if there will be food for dinner. We choose whether we will take a certain course in school, not if we can learn to read at all.
What choices have impacted your life? So many are individual but others are given to us by others or by circumstance.
We watch with the world pictures of SE Asia as it breathes a little after the Tsunami. They talked on the news about the people who have a little food but no pot to cook it in. And on the Shopping channel they talk simultaneously about the new set of super cooking pots that are only 140$ ---what a deal. They show on the news the tragedy and now there is a whole segment about electronics we all will want and need... sunglasses with music fixed in. Do they not see the irony?
What can we do with what we have? A cup of coffee even at the gas station quick stop is a dollar other places it can be much more.? We see ourselves without anything we can give.

Perhaps what this tragedy will do for us is to awaken us to the needs of others around the world. There are more in refugee camps who have nothing else as well. Look the opportunites to give are not just 'over there'...they are right here. What if you had some money you could donate to the local Nutrition Center for Elders? That could help.

You can donate through your church knowing that they have knowedge of the needs of people all around.

Whatever you can ---do.
You have a choice.
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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