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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Heavy Snow

A friend wrote to tell me that Utah was in for heavy snow tonight. I remember how that looked. We could sit in our office or home and watch those beautiful light and fluffy flakes as they came down...or when they really came down hard and fast that would pile up to inches or a foot or two in hours.
We have a little snow here in Oklahoma but not like Northern Utah. We get more icy snow than fluffy stuff. It can seal your car like it is wrapped in Saran wrap.
Weather is something we can't control. Have you figured it out by now? We can hope for good weather but it isn't something that we make happen. So we live with it. We ride with it. We accept it and adapt.
We change, as the weather changes. We change how we live or how we look at life. We change from moment to moment. Oddly enough we try to stay the same. To keep ourselves looking like we are young/younger. We want to stay as we are. We can't do that and no product to be purchased can be had.
We can stay true to who God created us to be. We can stay true to those who love us and whom we love. We can stay sure in the love of God and live into God's grace in its fullest measure.
Be who God created you to be. No matter your age. Find that person that you are clearly meant to be and live into it. Live it. Be true to yourself.
God abide...and God loves you just the way you are...Because YOU are God's child.

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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