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Sunday, May 02, 2004


She was in her 90's when I visited her and we were talking about some of the things she remembered from her girlhood. Even now I wonder why I didn't write them down. One thing she said that really stayed with me was ..."The older you get the faster time goes."
How could that be? I was in my 40's and my children were growing so fast and even then in my minds eye I could see them as babies...just like yesterday. Now they were in High School. But she's right. My mother would say all the time...OH time passes so fast. How could that be? I wondered when her days for a while were spent at home just watching TV. (I have to tell you she loved QVC the shopping network. She said, " they looked so nice, talked right to you and were so kind and the very best part...there were no commercials.")
How we use our time is important too. I read somewhere that we would be asked to account for every day we didn't laugh.
So I hope your Sunday has been good and that the time of your life is passing at just the right speed and that you find a way to laugh.
I have always pictured Jesus and the disciples walking down the road between here and there.... did you hear the one about the fish that got away..... and laughing.
God abide
Bobbie McGarey


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