Awakening a Keen Observer

Thursday, May 06, 2004


Perspective in art and literature relates to how we view something in the world. If you and I view something, even standing side by side, we'll have a difference in how we see that object. That is to say my angle will be slightly different than yours, it just is, no judgment necessary.

So Imagine if you will-- if we view an object, or an idea, from opposite sides. We would both be looking at an object but from different ways...But at the same thing... Only different because of life experiences, people we know, choices we've made, dreams we have for the world.

We even in our own life time we can view the same thing, issue, situation, differently as the lens-of-life experience unfolds before us. A kaleidoscope of colors.

Experiences change how we view situations. We may judge others one way because of something we've heard about "THEM" and then when we meet one of "THEM" and lo and even behold!.... We come to see THEM entirely different. The problem can be--- when we try and go back to where we were before our encounter...We find people who still see "THEM" as we did before ----and we have to try and convince others that "THEY" are not like we thought. Got it? Let me try again..

Perspective comes with both observation and a willingness to learn, to be stretched, to be changing and perhaps that is why children's perspectives are so important. They are often quite keen observers of life AND willing to change. Opps what I thought was A is really B. Humm well ....Ok well now let's go on with it. No need to be sad that B was A.... Just live life in that present tense of it's B... Alright what's next.

This perspective shift is natural and part of life. We human beings seem to want to get to one place, adulthood, and stay that way. Doesn't happen. Because we live in a changing world. Because we live in changing bodies, because we live in changing perspectives of who we are and what is the plan for our lives NOW.

So may your Perspective be rich and full and may Change never be a 4-letter word.

God abide

Bobbie McGarey


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