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Monday, May 03, 2004


It's all about choices isn't it? If I had made a call 15 minutes earlier than I did it would have changed the way the whole day went. Alas...I didn't and I began to wonder why we make some of the choices we do.
Some years ago one of my favorite singer and banjo player and song writer - John Hartford had a song about this very thing. I have never found the words to it but remember it being about a series of choices people made and how that changed everything down the line from that one person. Sometimes we don't understand the power our choices have.

Because Clearly some choices are better than others.

Some choices are better for us and for those around us than others. We have the capacity and responsibility to choose...and how we make those choices makes a difference in the world.

I do suppose we spend time on what-ifs-and-if-onlys,,,and some times beat our selves up with those... what if I had gone here or if only I had gone there. But what is done is done. And so we live our lives making choices hopefully based on learning. If we learn from choices that were made that didn't turn out so great...the perhaps the next time we are confronted with the same situation we will make the choice for the better.

So, move on, learn on, choose on... and may God direct what you do.

God abide
Bobbie McGarey


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