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Thursday, October 09, 2014

India ahead

As God would have it I get to go to India ...Again!  I am overcome with greatfulness.

My Cousin Gail, whose son married a beautiful,brilliant girl Rajitha was the first part of our going plan.   We will visit her family in Hyderabad. We met her mother at her son's wedding also a beautiful delightful woman.

Then 100 years ago my husband John's grandparents first went to India.  Dr John Taylor and Dr. Elizabeth Taylor, both medical physicians, went as medical missionaries.  The first of their five children was only months old. They were warned the baby must not let the baby cry., as the U-boats and subs could detect them.   The Children's Home was begun when an infant girl, they adopted and named Dorcas, was left at their doorstep.  There is a big celebration planned.

We will visit the Keystone Foundation in Kotagiri.  One of Dorcas' sons Matthew is a director. They work with the people of the land to enhance, protect, preserve, and learn from the mountain area where they live and work.  Matthew, Anne and their children are wonderful people.

A friend will be staying in my house while I'm Gone.  Gail, John and I look forward to a full enriching time praying that we may be blessed and be a blessing.  

Prayers coveted for safe travel.

God abides
Bobbie G. McGarey


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