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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well finally

No more excuses... I'm committed to writing again. I don't know still if anyone reads this but it works for me as a journal of sorts.

Our life in New Mexico is thus far off to a good start. Lots of things happening and lots of times when we miss each other but skype, talk on the phone, and see one another. it is a good thing.

My apt is getting more and more feeling like my own place. A few things here and there are really like mine but it will yet to be seen how fast I can get my office as well to look like mine. Step by step.

Annie, my little wonderful puppy, ok she's 3 but still a puppy to me, and I play a game called what are the upstairs neighbor's doing now... For about a week I was sure they were putting together an Ikea piece of furniture. Two days later I saw an Ikea box in the garbage can so I think we guessed right. I don't want annie's barking now and then to bother them but then again she does walk heavily in heels early in the day. I don't think we are home at the same times usually.

I am enjoying watching Netflix in the evening. I read news online but really don't miss it constantly. I've enjoyed recently watching some of the Michael Palin travel series' they are quite satisfying and really gives you a feel for the cultures he encounters. Check them out.

Alright. I'll get some photos up soon. This is a beautiful place to live and serve.

God abides --even in 2011

bobbie Giltz McGarey


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