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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"The Wonders"

I was interested this morning listening to a well known pastor talk about the meaning of Christmas and the simpleness of the original and the extravagance we've begun to accept and almost had to laugh. Not because he is not right on with his idea--it is just that because 'he' is saying it somehow it is great big news...Oh and he has a book to help us of course.

Ok Ok I hear you say that I wish I had written that book. Well, in a way all of us have. We have all contemplated how to simplify Christmas. This year it will be just me and John here in Oklahoma for Christmas. We have promised each other that we won't buy gifts for each other. We will instead take what money we would have used and send it to the Children's Home in India.

Two Christmas' ago we were in India on Christmas with the kids. They got a bag. In the bag, (small lunch sac) was a pencil, candy, and a few other small items. Each one had their name called. That was about 70 at the time. And they came up to the oddly thin Santa and got their bag and ran back to their seat with their eyes smiling.

We who had come from the USA marked Christmas with them, first the service, then the special meal and then later the Christmas play. The youngest in our group who was about 11 I think said at the end of the day. I didn't open One gift...this was the BEST Christmas ever!

So, friends, it doesn't take much to find a way to give Christmas it's meaning... Make a list of the wonders in your life. Keep them before you. Add to them. Rejoice in them.

Because we know the story. Good luck..
It is all about 'the wonders of God".

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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