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Friday, December 26, 2008


Thirty years ago I spent today in the hospital...waiting..and working as I labored before the birth of our son John. He was born on St. John's day the 27th. He was a great Christmas present. We have a picture of me lying down on the floor on Christmas day with a bow on my quite full belly before he was born. I went into labor Christmas night. We thought he'd be born on the 26th when John's brother Carl celebrated his birthday. But apparently God wanted him to wait for his own day. I had a wonderful Doctor who on a day off after Christmas spent a good deal of it with me. Dr Howell will be remembered by me and John whenever we think of Johnny's birth. We especially remember that he went home to clean up after having checked on me all night. He came in all dressed up in his three piece suit, probably ready for office hours. The Doctor who was on hospital call came in when Dr. Howell was in the room. He had a shirt on, a cigarette in his mouth and he hadn't shaved. To turn over that very special time to someone else just didn't seem right. Dr. Howell said, I've been with her this long I'll take her thru the delivery. He did. Johnny Maurice McGarey was delivered by a c-section. It was time.
I remember the cold of the delivery room. I remembered worrying they would tie my hands down but in the end was shaking all over with nervousness that I asked them to do that because I felt like I would fall off the table. I remember the spinal not pain but turning over and hearing a flop and realizing that was my legs numb hitting on the table. I remember being all stretched out and the Peds Doc coming in and Dr. Howell said, I want you to meet Rev. McGarey... Hey Guys that's not fair... I remember the feeling of pushing and listening to the odd sounds and then feeling the delivery not pain but the pulling and Johnny being drawn out
and an immediate cry. The best sound ever. He was find, crying loudly, I had worried because
I'd been drugged the night before. But apparently he hadn't gotten any of it and was fine.
I remember once they took Johnny out of the room asking them to knock me out I didn't want to remember any of this part. They did. I woke in the recovery room. There was a nurse whose job it was to massage my abdomen, now not numb, and I grabbed her arm and when she said I have to do this--I said and I have to try and stop you... I remember the man in the bed next to me being hooked up to all the tubes and switches and the staff really worrying over him. I asked when can I leave. The nurse said, when you can wiggle your toes. I began to focus on doing that.. She came back often and then said. Oh Good you can wiggle your toes. I couldn't feel a thing...but that was great news. I went upstairs... John walked into the room holding him...and said Bobbie here is your son. What a wonderful presentation.
For me, for us the best gift.
The next greatest joy came a couple of years later...but I'll talk about that in August...
Again I love this day..
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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