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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Summer here and gone.

The signs of summer are still around. Our grass is dry. It is hot. Not much rain around. Cotton blooming. Those kinds of things that mark summer. The veges are all around. mmm
Oh I agree with Marian McClure, summer tomatoes are wonderful. We have some friends who have brought us some and there is a man north of town who sells beauties. Big slices like tomato steaks are something wonderful as far as I am concerned. My daddy was quite the tomato grower. We would have some big boy's and other hearty big ones, yellow, red, pink, mmmm. There is something about the tomato that makes you know it's summer.
And school starts in a lot of places so for them summer is over. When I grew up school started right after Labor Day. Teachers I know are preparing and warning lights around schools are flashing and all in all school is getting ready.
And then there is the Space shuttle return yesterday. Greeted with such love by so many. Would that we would greet one another all the time with that kind of joy. As if we had just returned from a 'mission' and hug them and say 'welcome home'.
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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