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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bird Bath

Out under the trees beside our house we found a broken bird bath when we first moved in. The base of it had split but the top still was ok. We have set it on a tree stump outside the dinning room window. There is a bird feeder nearby but in the summer we don't worry about the seed as much as keeping some water in the birdbath.
We have really enjoyed watching the birds come for a little 'dip'. They so seem to enjoy it. In the mornings it is shaded by the house and in the afternoon though there is more sun there is a bush that keeps it from being totally exposed.
We have ways to get to see some of the creatures that live around us don't we! Not just our pets or those we choose to be in relation to, but also others that are wild in our area. There are armidillo's all around and I saw one skitter through the ceders outside our back window. I see coyote frequently out in the country and deer on occasion. I saw turkeys flying once over the road and have seem them walking around as well. The quail I hear but only see now and then and the Mississippi Kites (hawk) that cruse over as well. I see hawks all the time perched on fenceposts or in trees.

What can we see if we slow down long enough to look? What if we put ourselves where it is quiet enough to hear the animals and birds around? We will get a view of some of the beauties of this world.


Be wll, look around, listen...

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Rev. Dr. Bobbie McGarey


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