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Friday, January 15, 2010


Driving home yesterday I looked over at one of the landmarks I've made for myself on the trip home. It's an old home, no windows, doors, and from one angle you can see straight through it. I've watched it these last 10 years as it has fallen down little by little. There had been a porch, a barn next to it, other things that made it more like someone might put it back together.
Yesterday as I drove by I looked and there was a white goat standing on the porch. I had to turn around and see it again and when I had made the circle and looked it was true...a small white goat. Oh for a camera with a good lens. But I can see it in my mind.
Why was it there? To my memory there weren't or hadn't been goats around that area. Cows had been there but they've been moved off too.
Something winsome about it though.

And I thought of that house when I've been reading about the tragedy in Haiti. So many homeless and hungry.

The earthquake that hit Haiti was shallow and it shook sideways. Not the up and down undulations that many quakes show on the surface. Houses, even solid ones, are not built to stand this kind of earth-action. The quake was 6 miles from the surface under the Capitol.
Echos of hymns being sung in the streets near the encampments of those without homes were a reminder of the strength of these people. So many without homes, SO many without loved ones, so many without water.
I have been keeping updated on the Presbyterian Church's website, PDA Presbyterian Disaster Assistance -with the information they receive from our mission workers and co-workers there. There are ways to give that the donations go through already established channels without the concern of funding being 'lost".
How can we ask others to be compassionate if we are not?
And who put that goat on the porch?
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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