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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Epiphany How's with you?

The clerk at the drug store asked me this question, "how's with you?" I said that I was fine. But it is an odd expression. How is --what with you? Perhaps it is just such a general statement you can fill it in just however you want. How's your health? How's your family? How's your car? How's your spirit? It can go on and on.

Humm though..perhaps it is a better question than it seems at first. We can be ok in one sector of our lives and silly rotten in another. We can have some things all lined up like ducks in a row and other things that reminds us of herding cats. Still, really, do those things external from our person really make up how we are? Our wellness is more in line with how we feel about ourselves in the great scheme of things.
Do we feel like things aren't going together right within ourselves
or do we feel like we have the important parts
of our lives at peace? Wholeness. Shalom
I believe that peace can come when we understand that we belong to God. I believe that when we accept that God has claimed us and named us and gifted us with attributes to be applied toward the Kin-dom then we have peace.

God bless you this new year in finding the pieces that make a, How's with you, easy to answer...peaceful.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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