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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Weather Alert

My computer has a weather alert. We live in Oklahoma and we need to keep watch for tornadoes or threatening weather. It signals with a thunder roll. On more than one occasion it surprises me or someone in my office visiting.
It rolled today. Bitter Cold. Dangerous cold. Wind Chills in the sub-zero range. (I put on my sweater even thought the cold doesn't come in till Wednesday night.) That is dangerous cold. Our church has heat. Our homes have heat. We will all be fine...
Oops no We won't all be fine.
We know this because someone broke into our storage shed on Christmas Eve. They didn't take anything. I think they slept there. It was a blizzard. It strikes me as very much of a Christmas story that there was no room in the they found some shelter in the shed. This strikes me hard. "No room in the Inn" I've read that somewhere. Oh right, the Gospel of Luke.
We'd like to help this person find good housing. Find safe housing. Find warm housing. But we don't see him. We see what he leaves here and there. What aren't we doing right?
I've been thinking it's a Matthew 25 year for me...When did I see you hungry, or cold, or without a coat, or....

God bless us ALL
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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