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Monday, August 03, 2009

Are you not amazed?

Are you not amazed by something in your life just now. Something that has come to you or people told you or you have felt in all you do? Have you not seen something Awesome in the truest sense of the word...something that pointed you to God's creative hand?

There are moments when I visit with folks or talk to folks and I find that somehow in the midst of the conversation I notice something amazing about them. It could be that they have beautiful eyes or hands or a smile that is gentle and reassuring. Sometimes I remember to tell them what about them I've observed. Yes, I'm still listening but part of that is absorbing the person to whom I'm listening.

Try it. Today, sometime today, as you greet someone or someone serves you at a table or there is a family that walks by all looking happy tell them so. For example I was happy when after the dad, daughter son and mom walked by as I was eating lunch in Atlanta Bread company I said to the mom, What a handsome family. She smiled. They were you could tell, or it felt like you could tell they were happy.

Is not one of the jobs of the church to help people recognize the wonder around them? I believe it is. To marvel at a sunset or a rainbow or a face or a puppy and know that life is good. I believe that we miss the wonder with schedules and cell phones and... and...and...

Look for amazement it will surely find you.

And leave me a note what happened. You can do that by registering on comments below... lets share eh? what did you see that amazed you?

God abides
keep watching
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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