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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Time F L I E S

Grace and peace to you all. Wow how can it be July? I have got to get back to a regular routine of writing to You.

Is it not amazing how things come to us when we are open and receptive to them? I flashed on the picture of Jesus standing at the door and knocking...and inviting him in. When you open yourself up to God's activity in your life things come to you...especially when that activity in your life is outward focused... when we work for another/one another.

Not long ago in a conversation with a man that my husband John had recently met we recognized that we both have a passion for mission in India. He has connections and I do as well so it was going benefit both of us. The odd part is that God led us to this through stories of planes being delayed. If I'd never had a plane delayed... we wouldn't have begun or sustained this conversation... There suddenly in the middle of it was the connection the flight from Delhi to Chicago.

Open yourself to the workings of the Spirit all around you and be sure that God's presence is full and real waiting...waiting for you to open that door..

God abides
Happy Summer

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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